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" To provide simple yet innovative technology solutions that help businesses thrive. We strive to create user-friendly, efficient, and reliable software and services that streamline business processes and drive growth."


"We envision a world where technology is seamlessly integrated into all aspects of business, making operations more efficient, productive, and profitable. Our vision is to be the leading provider of simple yet innovative technology solutions that transform the way businesses operate, enabling them to achieve their goals and exceed their expectations. We aspire to create a future where simplicity meets innovation, and businesses of all sizes can leverage the power of technology to succeed."


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Internet Service

We focus on serving rural areas that major telcos don't reach with our internet services.

Mobile Apps

Stand out from the competition with personalized mobile apps designed specifically for your business.

PC/Web Apps

Revolutionize your business operations with our custom software solutions that address your unique business needs.

Internet Service Plans

Check our Plans

15mbps Plan - Unli Data

Stay connected no matter where you are with our reliable 15mbps internet service. Perfect for streaming, browsing, and staying connected with family and friends.

Price: ₱1200.00/month

20mbps Plan - Unli Data

Experience lightning-fast internet speeds with our 20mbps plan. Perfect for gaming, streaming, and video conferencing.

Price: ₱1,500.00/month

30mbps Plan - Unli Data

Maximize your productivity with our 30mbps plan. Enjoy seamless video conferencing, cloud-based work, and high-speed downloads and uploads.

Price: ₱2,000.00/month

50mbps Plan - Unli Data

Experience lightning-fast internet speeds with our 50mbps plan. Perfect for streaming, gaming, and downloading large files.

Price: ₱3,000.00/month

All plans come with unlimited data. Monthly bills will be deducted from outages automatically. Customers who pay on or before their due date can claim it. Check your logs after registering an account. Pay online via GCash, card, and more.

Experience the Power of Our Service

Our service is designed to provide you with the best experience possible. With our fully automated tracking of outage logs, you can rest assured that you will always be informed about any issues affecting your service.

Automated Outage Tracking

Our system automatically logs any outages on your account, so you never have to worry about manually tracking downtime. You can easily view outage logs and get insights into any issues that may be affecting your service.

Transparent Reporting

Our service provides transparent outage logs, account balance, and available discounts, so you can always stay up-to-date with the status of your service.

Hassle-Free Discounts

Get discounts with no questions asked. Our system will automatically calculate the available discounts for you and apply them to your account balance. You can easily view the discounts applied and the remaining balance.

In addition, you will automatically receive system and email notifications whenever there are outages detected on your account. Our system will also automatically calculate the duration of the outage and adjust your account balance accordingly when the service is restored.

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